Total Encouragement

14 December 2010

Early today, I received another photo contest notice,  and it was already too late because I saw it 2 weeks after the closing period. This morning, a person close to my heart and who has been very supportive with my interest in Photography asked me to check it out again, hoping  it might still be open. I asked this person: "who's going to join this Photography Contest?" he said, YOU!  Okay... I was a little hesitant because I didn't know anything about it. And so I checked the link, the website I was given and found out that it was for National Geographic.

In all honesty, I was overwhelmed by this whole thing. Thing? because I couldn't even describe it. I was literally talking to myself: "Wow, really, me National Geographic?" I don't think I'll even make it (LOL). I need a better  set of equipments, but I know, the experience alone is going to be all- worth it. 

I joined one Photo Contest back in July 2010, it was my first, I didn't win the grand prize, but I was thankful that my photos were still chosen and it was quite a learning. Anyway, I would still have joined Natgeo photo if it wasn't too late. Everything has its tough process of getting through. But  I believe that there will always be a breakthrough moment for all of us. Maybe someday, a photo of mine will make it. 

For now, all that matters to me is the effort and support this one person has showered me once again. The encouragement coming from this special person pushing me to join, was outstanding.  He showed that he will always believe in my potential. National Geographic is one of the sources that pulled my interest in nature and life ever since childhood.  I didn't dream or see myself joining National Geographic, never in my life. One thing I've learned from this person  and in this fast, extraordinary and rare moment was to continue on believing in myself, to aim higher and use that mark as an inspiration to mature  for the betterment of my Being. So...
Thank you Dad...

For a time, I thought I was just good for the small community I grew up in. Now, once "chance" knocks at my door again, I must grab it immediately. Whether the outcome is going to be disappointing or successful,  I take every chance as an opportunity for improvement and learning.

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Beth said...

After reading this post, I miss my father tuloy... :(

So blessed of you to still have a dad who believes in you :)