Baguio Trip 2010--- Green Baguio

18 December 2010

It was a long trip, but it was a relaxing. This trip was also my son's first time to travel up to the Northern part of the Philippines.
sweet nothings
Baguio City is known to be the "Summer Capital of the Philippines" because of it's cool climate and also famous being the "City of Pines" because of the Pine Trees found all over the city.
Baguio City, the only city in the Province of Benguet, is 250 kilometers north of Metro Manila. It is located in the south central part of Benguet and nestled on a 1,500-meter high plateau in the Cordillera mountain range of northern Luzon. The city, which has an area of 49 square kilometers of prime property, is highly urbanized. It has a rugged and sloping terrain dotted with pine trees.-source-

For the record, this was not my first time in Baguio. I've been traveling this land since childhood, with my family, some friends and now with my 2 boys. But it has been a long time since my last visit. I looked forward to this trip. Baguio has been the palace, the kingdom of Mother Nature for me. In my whole life, it's the only place I've traveled to with the coolest climate. I know there's a lot out there that can be the ultimate haven for Mother Nature. Baguio City is the one for now or at least until the moment I get to travel some place else.(LOL)
When traveling by land, one of the things I like to see is the spectacular view of nature. Like this waterfalls along Kennon Road. It was breathtaking. My son was amazed to see it up close, well almost. He would often see it in books, imagine the joy this simple body of water brought him. The nearest he could get to a mountain  which he can only see from a afar. The smell of fresh air and the sight of a clean environment. I really took note of the things that I greatly appreciate that my little boy can also connect to.
Greens we don't have in Manila.
sweet nothings
Every travel whether by air, land and sea is considered as a rare moment. Like what I've mentioned earlier, this was not my first time in Baguio, but this recent trip made me feel that I've never been to Baguio at all. That my friends made my travel more exciting.
There will always be something new waiting for us on our next trips even on our tenth visit. It was a tireless trip. Thank You Lord...  Nature has brought a relaxing vibe for both  my body and mind. Another thing I learned...

Nature is also food for the soul.


nuts said...

wanna visit Baguio again soon.. miss the place..

Chris said...

hi enchie, where did you stay in baguio?:)

Beth said...

Wow, sarap naman ng short vacation nyo, Baguio! :) You are right, nature is food for the soul, kaya nga hanggat maari, I want to travel e, to get away fromt the hustle and bustle of city life, khit for a while lang :)

Advanced Merry Christmas, Enchie! :) I greeted you na kasi I'm not sure if I will be here from 23rd to 25th, bka nasa mom ko sa province. Take care, too! :)