New Knife Set

03 December 2010

In one year, I lost 2 Victorinox knife pieces. It's either I left it inside the cake box, then threw the box after, and sometimes, by just recalling, I throw it accidentally in the trash. It came in a set of 4. I use those knives for cake cutting, for steak and as paring knives. The sad thing, it was a good set from my mother-in-law which she handed over to me. I'm really bothered, I want to get new knife sets, same brand and style.

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pinayrichmom said...

I have the same problem, although it's usually not me, but our maid, who often "forgets" where she placed the knife. I suspect naitatapon nya sa trash. :( Go get a new set if it bothers you so much. I'm sure you'll be able to use it a lot especially with the Christmas parties this season. :)