Thoughts On A Tuesday: No Bag and I think I left my ♥ in Baguio City

07 December 2010

I totally forgot! I promised a few weeks back that I will be posting about the bag I wanted to purchase as a birthday gift for myself. Well, I do apologize for keeping you. I've been busy, busy, busy. So much changes were made with regards to our plans this holiday season. So I started with a new list. Just over the weekend, I went out and shopped for some Christmas Gifts. Well, the malls are open until 12mn, but hell with the crowd. If you want to beat the weekend rush,  it's best to go shopping early in the day. Just like what they say: "The early bird catches the worm". Not only you'll have a relaxing time shopping, but you will also be the first to  dig in with new stocks. With that, my weekend was pretty productive since I started early. I was able to buy some time to visit the salon and I was able to shop for a dress for an upcoming party.

The bag? There's no bag yet. Since Baguio, everything was left hanging. By the time we got back, all I wanted to do was to unpack, rest a bit, and obviously, I got a little hangover. With the pine scent in the house, our cool morning and evenings.... I think I left my in Baguio City. 


darly said...

i would love to go back to baguio, last time i was there was 2004 pa. I bet so much has changed na ulit and we would feel like first time tourist when we visit there.

thanks btw for the link update, i have a new blog pala hope you can visit and follow it too.

Chris said...

its been ages since i last went to baguio, i wish we would also be able to take a trip to baguio soon :)

Beth said...

Fred said dalhin nya daw kmi sa Baguio pagdating niya. Ayaw niya kasi pumunta kmi ng kids dun na kami lang :)

Looks like you enjoyed your stay there. Saan na ba un mga pics? :)

Ako naman, I joined Seair's Winter Bloggers' Contest. Gusto ko kasi makapunta sa Batanes. Sana mapansin naman un post ko. :)
Have a happy weekend, Enchie! :)

Jona said...

looks like a fun family bonding. i'm standing by for the pics Ench :D

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