Photo Fiasco

04 May 2010

Why Fiasco? Well it's photo sharing gone wrong.

Emotions are at it's peak as the campaign period comes to an end and we're nearing the big day when Philippine politics will make another mark on history. 

With that, we all have our own picks, we all have our own little way to show support. And my way of showing trust and support to my candidate is through a photograph.

I took an image for my sister with her hand pointing up holding a presidential candidate's baller id. I shared it online. 

People asked for permission to use it. I don't have any problems when it comes to sharing. This picture is a form of expression for me, and so I gave my go signal through my sister Ella as she posted it on Facebook. Tracing back the people who asked permission, there's this one user who removed my watermark on the photo. I know she didn't intend to own the photo, but once watermark is removed, viewers will get the impression that the photo is owned by the person who posted.

Personal feedback: it's a very sad thing to do
Removing one's signature from the photo which is not yours is a big no-no whether it is under license or not. Self-explainable. If it's not yours, don't change anything.

The internet is the perfect place to apply  "the freedom of everything" . I gave the rights to share even if they don't link back or give credit, just keep the image as it is. My photo may not look as impressive but it's still mine. The only way to recognize the owner is through his/ her watermark.

To end:
The other party apologized and posted the original photo with my watermark. Thank you for doing so. I may have judged this user, but remember, in everything you do, reflects the kind person you are. I'm glad she did her part. Thank you for keeping an open mind.

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Chris said...

shame on that person!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I soooo love this shot. No wonder she wants to claim this as her own...

blowing peachkisses
The Peach Kitchen
peach and things

kikamz said...

it's good that the person redeemed him/herself in the end.

i love the shot that you made ench! it's very attractive.

praying for a peaceful and honest elections on monday.