Can I Have A Pug?

25 May 2010

"Mom, can I have?" Words from my son every time he sees cute dogs and puppies. All I can answer back is: "Not yet darling, when you're older"

At a tire shop as we waited for our car to be fixed, we saw a cage full of  Golden Retriever pups. They were really cute, that I also begged my husband for one. Then a Pug came out... Franky got very excited to touch it. He really loves this dog. Since he was a baby he's been holding a pug stuff toy given by his Godmother. As soon as he saw the pug, he totally forgot about the Golden Retriever pups.  It's a good thing that fixing our car's tire  took a bit long, Frank was able to play with the dog. Then over the weekend, our family dog in my hometown gave birth to 5 puppies.  Again, Frank asked if he can have one. 

We understand the child's urge to have a pet.  We're going to get our son a pug, that's the plan ever since,  and we will give it to him. We're just waiting for the time when our son can be responsible taking care of pets.  Having a dog inside the house is not easy. It's a different responsibility, it's something that we just  can't set aside every time we don't feel like it. I also like to have a pet dog running inside the house, but for now being a housewife, I can't juggle with another task at the moment. A task that can wait. It's just a matter of time, we will eventually get there and play with our own pug someday.

What if we surprise him with one sooner than later :D

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