Seiko: Ang Friend Na Masuwerte

10 May 2010

A one of kind Mom, a one of kind Friend. Mommy Seiko of Seikos Diary is a very dear friend to everybody. She never misses a birthday greeting within her circle of friends "the marce club". The best part, even a non-member bows down to this person. On my recent birthday, she was one of the first who remembered and greeted me. I wasn't really expecting it, because I didn't mention anything about my birthday online. 

Naisip ko nun: "the best talaga si Mommy Seiko"

I look up to Mommy Seiko for her experiences in life, her love for family, the way she treasure friends and the events that makes her whole as a person. 

Happy Birthday Mommy Seiko! You're full with inspirations...


Seiko said...

Thank you so much Mommy Enchie.I was so touched by reading this & I can't find the right words on how to thank you & I can't thank you enough for the joy that you sent me.
I wont ask for more than anything else for God has already granted my hearts desire...& that is to have mee such wonderful friends like you guys.Hope to see you & meet you personally during my visit on June.I'll be home on the 10th.I am looking forward to meet you then & would love to say that I don't deserve a NO from you.Will you?:D
Really thank you so so much for this wonderful bday present you've had made just for me.God bless!Hugs1

Enchie said...

You're very welcome Mommy Seiko. Just send me a message, I will be there.