Pictures Of Me but Without My Camera

18 May 2010

Weird for a blog title right? A bit confusing too. Here's why. I seldom get photographs from certain events since most of the time for the past 2 years, I was the one working behind the camera. If not that, I always volunteer to take the picture. Then at the end of everything, I only get like one or 2 photos of myself. Sometimes, I get blurry or not so good- looking shots. On a recent wedding we celebrated with some friends, I  opted not to bring my camera or anything at all (not even a clutch bag). It was the night when I thought that I should just go with the flow.
Everything turned to be a huge success on my part. I mean, having no bag around was already an achievement for the night. The whole evening was fun, my hands are free. My right hand holding my Margarita and my left hand holding my husband. Above it all, I know that most friends from our circle will bring their cameras that's why I totally felt that it's time to take a rest from taking photographs.
Half of me felt incomplete though,  like something important was missing. Well, my camera was not with me...  I bring my camera (dslr or digicam) almost everyday, anywhere I go. Then, half felt normal in a sense that I was able to celebrate "the usual way". I have all the time to talk, meet and greet new people, enjoy some cocktails and simply have a cool evening.

Receiving photographs from other people and getting tagged from various albums brought so much excitement. For the very first time I wasn't doing the tag, for the very first time I ended the celebration with me still looking fresh, for the very first time, I was able to cherish every moment of it.
Photobooth: fotoloco
For the last 2 photographs, I would like to thank Jon San Pedro, a very good colleague and close friend of ours. For this opportunity: I would like to send my warm wishes to Ria and Rowny. It is actually us who should be thanking you guys for sharing this special event in your life and as a rare opportunity  for me.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

Oh yeah! Ang sarap nga ng feeling na makakita ng sarili natin sa larawan ng iba! Lol.

Willa said...

Sometimes,ganyan na rin ginagawa ko kapag may mga simpleng event lang na hindi ko naman talaga kailangan ma involved ng husto,I prefer to be camera-free para mag enjoy rin ako at makarami ng pictures, kasi pag tayo ang photographer, konti lang pix natin eh, lol!

Chris said...

being camera free from time to time can be a blessing too :D hehehe

Chris said...

have a tag for you pala

Genejosh said...

tama ka sis, time to give break to yourself...glad to see you here in the photos enjoying the moment...ako naman pag nagdala ng camera, I never fail to ask around pakuha rin ako ng photos..he..he...