Something New and Old I Like: My Mp3 Player

14 May 2010

I practically have everything in terms of basic essentials when it comes to gadgets. Why am I sharing this?

1. Point Of View.  It helped me stop from going from one store to another. Through the years I was able to acquire all these essentials. At the same time, I got very satisfied that I don't have the urge to upgrade all the time.  It is always important for me to  stick to it's real function. For surfing the net and instant documenting, a laptop it is. Calls and Text, a cellphone. Pictures, camera. Videos, video camera. Music, an MP3 player. We all have our own preferences. Some wants an all-in-one machine, some wants to get whatever is new in the market, some as a collection, for the rest, one is enough.

2. Suddenly I need an upgrade.

3. Justification: If there's an upgrade I need...

That's for my old MP3 player. It's so small, and tiny (L2",W1") I have been using this MP3 (Creative Stone Plus) for almost 3 years now and still works  perfectly fine. At first, I was just thinking of getting new earphones (a super duper nice one). But then again, why not upgrade the whole set. My husband's been using Creative even before we started dating. I took after his choices. If we're going to talk about durability and function together, Creative has it. The other night, as we were browsing in an appliance shop, I was able to take a good look at Creative's latest product: The  Creative Zen X-Fi2.
The specifications are exactly what I'm looking for: an upgraded MP3 player nothing more, nothing less. It's like putting the functions of my old player to a bigger body with upgraded features, updated programs in a slick new look.

We were in the appliance center to buy new electric fans. We went to the Creative stall instead. By the way, it was a choice between the Creative MX and the X- Fi.

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