May 16, 2010: The Crescent Moon and Venus

17 May 2010

It was around 6pm when my son Franky noticed this unusual  celestial alignment last night. It reminded me of a symbol. Maybe a flag or a respected emblem of a religious group. To describe what I saw: It was very nice to look at, especially with the reddish hue of the sky as the sun was going down on the other side.  I wanted to stop and take a picture, but we were literally driving in the middle of the road.
When we got to our destination, it was already dark. I  got off at the other side of the mall. As I crossed the bridge- way, this wonderful sight waved at me.
Moon and Star May 16, 2010
People filled the bridge- way taking pictures of the moon and the planet Venus. Am I lucky or what? This is the third celestial wonder I witnessed for 2010. The sight is nicer from afar to appreciate the form it made.
Solar Eclipse January 15, 2010
I would probably say, that I was just at the right place and time. Unlike the first 2 events early this year, I've never heard of any news about  this third alignment. Most of the time we see Venus near the moon, but not this close and not as wonderful. As always, here in Southeast Asia, we're  blessed to witness most wonders in the sky at very window of our own homes.


*MrsMartinez* said...

You were lucky enough to take a picture of the moon and the planet Venus.
Keep it up ; )

Race said...

i saw that too when we were riding a cab on our way to a mall, we're lucky that our driver stop a little. my kids were so excited as it's the first time that they saw a wonderful sight like this one. it was awesome!

i actually posted it also on my blog ( a little later that night because we did some school things' shopping. well you're luckier 'coz i didn't had the chance to take some shots :-)

i'm searching for some explanations on this rare positions of moon and venus because rare phenomenon like this is a sign of good or bad things to come!

Kayce said...

I also saw that sis when we were having some fun swimming at the beach that night.

Enchie said...

@ MrsMartinez thanks!

@ Race Im so glad you were able to take a picture of it too. It was very nice right?

@ Kayce OMG! that's the best way, I mean, you're at the beach with the calm waves staring at a clear sky cherish a rare celestial event...