The Artists Village

22 April 2014

Location: Dicasalarin Brgy. Zabali Baler, Aurora

For the past visits I made, I was amazed by the people of Baler as skilled and naturally born craftsmen. Baler is able to keep its natural state and it flourishes thru the people who are very passionate about their cultural heritage. Dicasalarin is not only a beach destination. This enchanting place was built for artists seeking for inspiration.
Going to the cove, you will find your way towards the Ifugao Houses. This part of Dicasalarin can also be a place to spend some quiet time.
 Ifugao Village
From the beach, we went to the Artists' Village which is a few minutes away. I enjoyed our walk towards the Longhouse. It was refreshing and relaxing, the path way is surrounded by trees.

The Longhouse
View from the Longhouse
The Longhouse is an open structure. It's a refreshing place to be in. The Longhouse caters to artists who wants to find themselves deeper with their crafts.

This place can serve as a retreat house as well. 

It, being surrounded by trees, streams and total silence, the Longhouse inspired me and my friends. Usually, we take group pictures or we explore the place. But during our stay at the Longhouse, we were scattered around. One was at the top floor staring at the mountain... Another was sitting on a log in front of the house. As for me and my family, we took the time to appreciate art some more and introduced it to our kids once again.

In connection, we met one of the artists of Baler (for their privacy I will not mention any names). As we were told by our host, they're brothers who are known in town. One of them painted for Kris Aquino when Baler was featured on her show. Some of their paintings are also displayed at the famous Costa Pacifica.
Our friend Rach who also loves to paint was very happy to have met one of them. She was able to get some tips on painting and advices as a painter.

Dicasalarin met its purpose to inspire people. If you want to find peace or just be one with nature, this is the place to visit

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