Holy Week 2014

30 April 2014

Holy Week 2014 was spent in a serene place. Usually, my family and I would join the bunch of beach goers. But since it's been very hot and crowded in the city itself, we thought of just letting everyone else leave Manila as we enjoy a peaceful city for once. My husband was still working Holy Wednesday. Come Maundy Thursday, we stayed at our place the whole day spent some quiet time. Good Friday, we left our condo early in the morning and went to my parents' house in Rizal.

My parents' home is situated away from the main road and is surrounded with trees. The neighborhood itself is very quiet. It is the perfect place to have some quiet time and it is our favorite location for a quick getaway. As a matter of fact, some friends of my mom would stay overnight just to find some peace. They will stay in the guest room which has a balcony that overlooks this view.
During our 2 nights/ 3 days stay at my parents', we really did nothing with respect to the whole occasion. Our practice/ tradition every Holy Week remained. We spent the free time contemplating on our lives, the things we have done to serve as inspiration to others, the cross we carry to improve our way of living and spirituality and mistakes that might have caused hurt to others as well. It wasn't easy spending 3 days not being able to touch a single gadget though, but it was a good form of abstinence for me.

When Easter came, it was truly a time to rejoice. Compared to the past celebrations we had, we prepared simple dishes this year. My dad was on a business trip, so it also felt like something was missing during our Easter celebration.
Anyway, the Easter Egg Hunt continued. As always, my parents would prepare Easter eggs with money in it, then they'll hide it around the house. Our job is to find these eggs. Aside from the kids, this year, the adults were included (ang saya!) I got a total of 300++php same with my husband and kids. It was fun searching together as a family. We really worked it!

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