Celebrating National Flip- Flops Day with Havaianas

11 April 2014

The last sale I enjoyed from All Flip Flops was way back in 2009 Havaianas Mother's Day Sale 2009. There came a point in my life when I owned 5 pairs of Havaianas. So I stopped buying and dealt with whatever I have during that time. The moment the last pair from my old collection broke down, I immediately went to the nearest All Flip Flops store and bought a new pair. That was when my love for Havaianas Slim started.
I learned about this event through the Facebook page of Havaianas Philippines. It's summer and even if I still have a nice pair of Havaianas Slim in use, thought it would be great to experience this one- day sale. Around 10am, my husband drove me to a nearby mall (it was his treat) and there I enjoyed browsing again through piles of colorful flip- flops.

First thing I asked for was the pair of Havaianas Slim Tropical displayed at the window. Sadly, it was the last pair and it wasn't in my size. So I went for the usual Havaianas Slim but chose pastel this time. To be on the safe side, I always buy flip-flops in shades that I can pair with almost everything. It's a good thing I was at the store early, I was able to look around properly and I was able to fit the pairs I chose without rushing. There weren't much people when I got there, but as I wait for my turn to pay at the cashier, people started coming in.
Being one of the early birds, and with the purchase I made, I was gifted with this cool Havaianas necklace. It perfectly matched the cut- offs I was wearing. I so love summer... and Havaianas makes everything complete!

Clean Havaianas At Home 

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