Hidden Paradise Along Dicasalarin

09 April 2014

Who will ever think that the image above has a hidden paradise, beautiful and breathtaking---
---as this, as we go closer to Dicasalarin Cove in Baler. 

During our recent trip to Baler, Dicasalarin Cove was one of the highlights of our tour. They say, few can gain access to this enchanting place. Let's just say that we were blessed that the nice people of Dicasalarin opened their doors to us for a private tour. It took us about 20 minutes from the Baler town proper to reach the cove itself. Along the way, we were greeted by the majestic view of the Pacific.
I took the time that day and pondered on the blessing poured over at my family that moment. I was one with nature again. 
The sight of the blue sky and the ocean was amazing. These images are not enough to describe it's beauty. You have to be there to feel the wind, see the green scenery and blue sky, hear the waves roar and appreciate God's gift which is just hours away from the chaotic city living.

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simply kim said...

WOW! it's so beautiful.. just looking at it makes one feel hopeful.

kimmy came here!