My Doodle Kid

09 April 2014

My eldest son has been a doodle person ever since. He practically grew up with a doodle pad at his side all the time. Most of our visit at the bookstore has always been about sketch pads, white boards, crayons write and wipe materials. As a mom, I still have one thing I want for my child to have. You see, my son draws a lot and he can do it anywhere he wants to. In my mommy bag, I have arts and crafts materials that I carry anywhere we go.
As I was browsing online, I found some remarkable items that I know will give my son a more colorful approach on arts. I particularly love the doodle bag. With it, he can bring along more materials.
There will be more choices for him. And since he can carry the bag, great responsibility follows.

1. He needs to look after his things/ his own bag.
2. He needs to pack his materials in his bag right away after drawing.
3. He needs to take care of his own things.

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You can also have the doodle bag personalized. 

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