The What Ifs On My Next Cellphone

11 April 2013

For the past years, I have been contemplating if I should get a new cellphone. With the new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, it sure makes owning a cellphone more colorful and exciting. In terms of functionality, I'm already fine with what I have as of the moment. But to be honest, it does gets into me, the urge of getting the latest in terms in cellphone technology... But then again, the question is do I need it? There 's only one thing that's blocking my urge to get a new phone.

*The fast turnover of gadgets, which makes your old one outdated. Unlike before, I'm talking about the trend 10 years ago, even with the change of time and technology, we get to keep our old ones. We  have an option to give it or sell it for a good price. Now,  the value depreciates as fast as the turn over. It's too much.

Here are my what ifs just in case I finally shift to an updated cellphone. 

If I get to choose between Apple and Samsung... my mind is not made up yet.

If I get to choose to dress- up my cellphone, I would really like to glam it up, at least a fancy looking protective cover.
If I finally get to choose the right phone for me... most definitely, I'll be on a hunt for a reliable store that sell phone accessories  that will also include a wide range of galaxy s3 accessories .

I do have plans on getting a newly cellphone, it's the right timing I'm closely waiting for to execute the plan.

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