My Partner This Summer: Jacobs' Tote

07 April 2013

It's been awhile since I posted something about the things I love... one in particular are tote bags. I saw the beauty of totes in the middle of my motherhood. Having a child around, I always thought that a baby bag came as "a must". Throughout my journey as a mother, I've learned and practised how to fit and organize my personal stuff and my children's needs in one bag, which I call the "mommy bag".  From then on, I was always on the look for large totes more than satchels and purses.

When it comes to bags, I am very particular with space, durability and structure of the bag. 
1. Space, because I am sharing it with my kids and I want everything to be in place.
2. Having children means carrying all sorts. Light to heavy I must say.
3. Structure. Even if my bag contains diapers, bottles, small toys etc. the next thing I would want is for my bag to look good, that people wouldn't even think of the craziness inside it.

For this year, I made an early hunt. Aside from the idea that summer was fast approaching and I need a summer bag, it also served as somewhat a form of reward for myself.  So I went online and searched. At first, I was looking into getting my third Longchamp. I almost did, but I didn't see the point they all look the same hehehe!  With other brands and designers few stuff caught my eyes, but nothing really to it. Then I had a bag conversation with my sister that led us looking into Marc Jacobs. So yeah "why didn't I think of MJ". 

The final decision was to buy Marc Jacobs. Here in the Philippines, fake items are being sold everywhere. I have to double check if there are "fake" Marc Jacobs being sold, from the name of the bag and the design.  I just saw 1 MJ fake item that's being sold rampantly. I took note of it and made sure that I wouldn't be getting the very same design of the fake item.

First thing I did was to search via Google for Marc Jacobs Totes. Then it led me to the Marc Jacobs online store which showed the line of totes they have available. I immediately saw what I liked, from the size, the color, the structure and with the description, I know it's durable. 

I want the real deal to go straight to They were on sale at that time. Lucky!  but shipping is another story. I have to ask my in -laws a big, big, big favor if I can have it shipped in GA and have the bag sent once someone's bound to visit Manila. My in- laws were very nice to lend me a hand. 
When it finally arrived at our place in GA, my sister- in-law sent me pictures unboxing the bag. At first, it looked small like really small.  It looked plain blue, I was expecting it to be darker. The thrill with online shopping, you'll never know until you get to hold the item in person. 

It took 3 days for the item to be delivered :D In the box was the receipt, a paper bag and the bag itself was in a safe plastic wrapper. A few weeks later, we were surprised by a relative from GA and I got really excited when she mentioned that I have a bag with her... Could it be? Maybe... Yes it is!
To compare: it's as big as a large Le Pliage. The handle is just right as a hand bag and enough to throw it around the shoulders. Tote with PVC handles, base and Jacobs logo embossed front pocket. Nickel MJ logo rivets and zip top closure. The color is navy blue and I so adore that it can look midnight black and... it's easy to clean! This bag is perfect as a "mommy bag". There are other bags that came in different colors and designs. I chose this bag because so far, I haven't seen anybody toting it around here in Manila. It's simple. The designer's name is up front but it's not too loud and it goes well with everything. It's plainly extraordinary.

First hit at the beach this month, I have MJ as my official partner for summer 2013!

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