It's A Hermit Crab!

03 April 2013

One of the things I enjoy doing at the beach is getting decorative sea shells by the shore. 
This time, I accidentally grabbed a live shell. As I was going through our bucket, I got startled when a small shell started moving. There I saw the shell crawled its way under the pile. When I searched for it, something came out... it's a Hermit Crab! 

How I wish I'm still at the beach so I can return it. In relation to this story, in Sm Megamall, there's a store that sell Hermit Crabs which are way bigger than what I found. They call it "Lucky Hermits". I've always been curious about it, but never had the intention of buying one.
If it's considered to be as a "lucky crab" I'm gonna grab onto that thought. Because here I have a hermit crab that accidentally landed in my bucket of shells. It's something positive, it might just bring all the good vibes in, it's alive and I'm gonna take care of it.

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