Note To Self:

05 April 2013

Early today, I came across this post of my cousin Jordz. 

 I'm not going to hide it. If there's one thing that's preventing my life from being perfect, it's this feeling of being helpless when I'm placed on a spot where/ when I'm not given a chance to defend myself or a situation where I can't even explain.  
I end up holding on to that moment for a very long time. I end up ranting and yapping about it over and over again. I even came to a point that I was called pathetic. I shrugged it off thinking that I'm not the only person who gets into these kind of situations.  I'm not as daring like others who can handle confrontations. I keep my mouth shut as much as possible. But when blogging came in, though it helped me release my feelings, I did said a lot of negative things, especially every time I was provoked or pushed. I know, it's rude, it's bad and even "sickening". But don't worry, I pondered upon it.  I thought that this is something hard to swallow. Really, I've been "yapping" for quite sometime. It's a good thing that the result went the other way around. I found inspiration in it and told myself that it's time to stop,  let go, let the situation be and move on.

I don't need to worry on what others will think of me, it's important to carry-on, be myself, be truthful and of course be sensitive to those around me.

To those whom I've hurt, I'm very sorry, I'm sorry that I used blogging as a way to pour out some negative thoughts. 

Moving on!

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