Maternity Gifts and Ideas

13 April 2013

In a few weeks, I will be attending a baby shower of a friend of mine. It is going to be my first event. It always excites me when it comes to Baby Shower Ideas . As much as possible, I want it to be extraordinarily colorful and it doesn't have to be wrapped in a box. I learned this from a close friend of mine in college. It was quite a learning because I make the celebrant/s happy and excited.
For the baby shower I'm going to attend to I plan to give a gift basket containing baby clothes in different colors. Baby clothes nowadays comes in all colors both for a baby boy and a girl. A blue shirt might suggest that it's a for a baby boy, but the additional ruffles makes it feminine. The cut and  print on the clothing greatly matters. Now, blue can also be as girly as the shade of pink. Pink can be mixed with blue, green or brown to make it more boyish.

For our mommy friends, usually we give baby showers when mommy is at her 8th or 9th month. It's not too late to gift her with Pregnancy Clothing . A cute shirt can come in handy even after giving birth.
Apparently, maternity cut clothing has been a trend lately. Personally, it's one of the things I enjoy throughout my pregnancy. Even with a bulging tummy, we moms can still be fashionable. And we can use these clothes over and over again. When buying maternity clothes, take note of the structure and design of the clothing. Then, imagine yourself in it without the big tummy. This particular shirt above can go with denim shorts, skinny jeans and a chic looking pair of flats.

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