AirPlay Your Favorites

12 April 2013

The latest addition that will make our Apple experience more fun.  Actually, we bought our Apple TV a few months ago. We use it to play movies, documentaries, music, games and to view our latest pictures using our television. Online, we go to Youtube to watch the latest episodes of our favorite tv series.

Apple TV will make Apple entertainment more unbelievably fun. Through wireless streaming, you can now enjoy your favorites from your Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad in a much bigger screen. Setting up is fast and easy. Simply attach  your Apple gadget and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network, and AirPlay will automatically appear. Choose the application you want to use then AirPlay will stream from your Apple gadget to your HDTV.
It's like a specialized tv show, play whatever you want. Anyone in the room can view, play and listen with you.
If you have external speakers...

AirPlay technology is built into speakers, receivers, and stereo systems from manufacturers like Denon, Marantz, B&W, JBL, and iHome. source

Gaming. This has got to be one of the purposes why we got Apple TV. Since we're so much into gaming apps, being able to view our play on HDTV makes it more exciting and entertaining for the whole family. 

Colorful and exciting, because we can view it on HDTV. 3 Fs Family, Fun and Friends not only because we now have a great option for viewing, but also because we can now share our favorites with the people around us. Relaxing, because I can already set some relaxing music and graphics on a much bigger screen with surround sound.

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