Nature's Treatment

03 April 2013

In my food blog, I mentioned that I was busy preparing for a short getaway. That I can't find the right location but at the same time, praying that my husband was also on the look. Just after making that post, my husband told me that he was able to make arrangements with the help of a friend. Since Holy Week is the only time my husband is available, we took the risk and agreed to book for our vacation on a Good Friday. 
Holy Week, usually in practice, we spend this occasion to ponder on our spirituality. It may seem a bit off to go out on this day,  in reality, we have no choice but to grab the opportunity. My parents even tried to convince us not to go, or at least move the date of our vacation. Deep inside me, I thought... I trust that God will not let anything bad to happen. Along the way, we prayed for His blanket of protection. 

On our first day at the resort, we didn't do much activities. We relaxed and used the quiet beach resort as a place to meditate and appreciate God's creations once again.
One of the blessings we received was the location of our room. Our balcony overlooks the entire beach area and of course, we were graced with a lovely sunset.
I went to bed that evening with the ocean view totally dark. I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go and relax at the balcony. When I went out, I saw one of the most fascinating things about nature. The moon was literally shining over the islands of Camara and Capones. This sight was extraordinary for me. The light's reflection on the ocean? I was served with a perfect view for some "me time" and meditation.
Thought that we go out of the ordinary things we do in the beach. We continued with our activities and went to an island. It was the highlight of our vacation. Though the island is a known tourist spot, even with other beach goers around, the place still looks isolated and it was very beautiful. 

We didn't spend so much, a 2-3 hour trip from Manila, nice scenery along the way... plus, we got high- class treatment from nature itself.

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