It's Xtraordinarymom's 4th Year!!!

24 October 2012

It's simple when it's right

And happy just to be me
And be alive

My life is as predictable as my personality. Whatever you read in both my blogs are the exact experiences I had in my journey as a mother and wife. The author of this blog is the very same person outside of the blogosphere. My personality, exactly the same. I was never fond of pretending or try so hard just to be the center of everything. I just want the people to know me as "Enchie", same name my family and close friends call me.
All I want is to dance around with the flow of life and share it. This blog will never be alive if not for the pieces big or small that makes up my simple life.
Mom to 2 boys
Wife to my partner and bestfriend
Blogger a source of inspiration
Someone who loves to cook
Gamer another outlet
Music Lover a motivating factor
I make my purpose in life more meaningful as I celebrate Love and Life with my children and my loving husband everyday.
I try to make the most of the smallest things and  I try to bring out the extraordinary by just BEING ME. With that, I was able to start with something good and right. The ability to come up with various non-monetary form of motivation and inspire others. I always pray for wisdom towards something inspiring as I create an entry.
What will I be... where will I be if it weren't for blogging...
I am very thankful and grateful for the warm welcome I had when I started with Blogger. This will always be home for the Xtraordinarymom.


Joy said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog,Enchie!

Beth said...

Yes, I believe you when you said that you are the same in and out of the blogosphere. Reading your posts, I can see that you speak your mind always and being true to what you write. And it's a good thing.

Congrats on your fourth year! Ako din sana fourth year na tomorrow un dati kong blog. Anyway, I'm glad na din that I started the PFF. Para na din siyang blog ko about our life here in Riyadh.

Congrats, and many more years and readers for your blogs! :)