Road Sentiments

19 October 2012

If there's something to be disappointed about this country, that would be life on the road of an ordinary day in the Philippines. I have been driving since I was 18 years old. One of the important things my driving trainer (my Dad) emphasized on are the values one should reflect once on the road. Same values that makes up a person and same qualities that are not being taught in driving schools.
These values kept me safe from harmful elements on the road including opportunistic traffic enforcers.
Sadly, in my years driving in and out the streets of Manila, Quezon City and wthin the streets of my hometown in Rizal, all I witnessed was total chaos.
Chaos meaning: Roll these all in 1.
  • Cars blocking pedestrian lanes.
  • Public vehicles making every corner as their terminal.
  • Traffic enforcers hiding on the hunt for the next "kotong" victim instead of managing traffic flow.
  • Parking on sidewalks.
  • Pedestrians walking literally, in the middle of the road.
  • Pedestrians crossing as if their window shopping. You honk at them, they get mad.
  • Vendors blocking bus stops and jeepney stops.
  • Drivers of private and public vehicles who doesn't care if an old lady or if a woman with her kids is crossing. These drivers will push to get through instead of giving the people priority.
  • Drivers who wants every space on the road. And you know what's funny, "sa kabila ng kanto titigil din naman sila agad, kasi traffic." So they won't let you pass because they need that itsy- bitsy space on the road, in the end, every car is still stuck in heavy traffic.
  • Drivers who are very fond of cutting another vehicle.
  • Small motorbikes and bicycles (which I call Zerglings) are in the middle of the fast lane waiting for an accident to happen. 
  • Speeding trucks.
Everyday, I encounter these very same problems. Literally all of it. I got fed up with it that's why I made this post.

I wonder if most drivers were born with common sense or let's say "gifted" with it. Because with what I have been experiencing, the situation on the road and within the streets involving vehicles and drivers are results coming from a careless, selfish person, x10. That's how bad it is. If there's something new to see,  that's only the situation getting worse.  You just need to be in the right state of mind in order to execute a safe and good travel without hassling anyone else. It's as simple as being careful.
We have road rules, traffic signs that's already been laid for us, why can't we just follow. Even if we have the most corrupt traffic enforcer managing these things, it still falls down to us drivers to follow what is right for the common good, "not what we think is right."
If you drive and you are reading this, maybe you'll agree with my sentiments or maybe a big possibility that I'll get people angry. Reality bites. That's how it is. There are solutions to these problems, let's start by  being a good and respectful citizens.

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