Making Use of Those Photo Apps

17 October 2012

If you noticed that most of the pictures on my recent posts may have been taken  using a cellphone, an iPod and even from the iPad, well, that's because I wanna make some room in my mommy bag. The only item I can add with my already full set of hands is an all- around gadget. With my other half? same goes. It's different when you have 2 boys to take care of.
The easiest way to capture moments are through the essential gadgets we carry with us most of the time.  I'm very fond of photo apps. It's helping me "not miss" cherished events.  Before, I thought that I don't need such equipments. Now, it has become my all around, reliable gadget/s. It covers everything that I need. It's not only about "having the latest". It's maximizing the over-all function of the gadget and it's benefits.

*image taken from i-mag cover * I have been an I- mag reader since 2008. I learn a lot from their  articles and I try everything from the tips and tricks in photography they share. On the latest issue I got, I-mag featured the must-haves on photography apps. I was very happy basing with the ones I have, it clearly states that I'm in the right path on choosing apps. 
As a photo enthusiast,  it doesn't mean I just grab and buy apps that are famous. I do a lot of research because I spend money on apps, even $0.99 app is still valuable. I make sure that for each photo app, I'll get something useful and wonderful. Let's start with Instagram.
I'm very particular with Instagram because it is the most used app. I started using Instagram just this year. Imagine, Instagram has been there for  years, but I never really looked deeper until now... I found the #1 purpose of this app (basing it on my perspective)--- not only you can post images, but it connects people. It's a very creative source to discover  the "behind-the-scene" moments of an individual.
Like everyone else, I have tons of photos on Instagram. But not all of it are shared on Facebook or else where. I still keep that part of my life private.

 Aside from Instagram, I have other photo apps which I love to play and tweak around with.
Awesomize a haggard looking face. 
Camera Awesome has an Image Stabilization, Timer, Interval, Fast and Slow Burst feature. You can use it as a regular camera. It also offers awesome effects that can make an image look a lot cooler. After awesomizing your photo, share in an instant on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Photo Toaster is one of my favorites because of the mixture of effects. I particularly love the grunge- classic effect, just what I did with this magazine shot. It clarifies and gives a photo a more vibrant finish. Also available effects from the boldest up to the softest hue.
I was imagining that 360 Panorama is perfect for outdoor shots. The color of nature in 360 view, amazing just thinking about it.
Well this photo above isn't really a 360 shot (maybe half of it lol!), I'm really bad with this app. I'm still in the process, learning... Looking forward to the outdoor images I was imagining.

Pixlromatic is one of the first photo apps I had. It has a special feature where you can add accents to your photo. Like Twinkles for my son's picture.
Pic Collage and Pic Stitch are 2 photo apps we often use to put moments together and share it.

Other Photo Apps:
PS Express and iPhoto
 Photo applications can make a dull shot lively and attractive. But fear not, there's room for your big cameras, tiny digital cameras and others. A camera connection kit was made available for Apple products. With a camera connection kit you can import photos and videos from your digital camera using USB cable or from an SD card. I still use my cameras that's why some pictures I tweak are clear, I move images. There are tons of colors, effects, borders and other photo enhancers to play around with in an instant with these apps. And of course, more options in terms of  apparatus used.

Pictures are indeed worth a thousand, colorful words. Traditional film, digital cameras or even photo apps, what matters are the faces, candid moments and events in our lives that will make these photography tools put to good use.

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