Busy Being A Mom

10 October 2012

So here I go again leaving and living with this blog empty for the past month. I just realize that having a kid and an infant to take care of makes things a bit challenging. Greatly considering the difference in terms of their growth and development level. Even with that,  I value and enjoy every second spent with my family, especially with my children.
 One of my perks of full- time mom is being able to witness how my kids show love for each other, how my eldest son looks after his younger brother... their milestones together as brothers.

I guess there's nothing really wrong if I leave my blogs hanging for awhile, because for the past months, my activities and our tasks as a family kept us busy and it's all worth it.
My son Frankie just turned 8 last month... and boy, time flies so fast. In no time, I'll be sharing stories on being a mom of a highschool and a college student.

Next thing you know, both my boys are married. Ha! Anyway, it doesn't end there because my husband and I are still praying that we're going to be gifted with another child, a baby girl perhaps! ( a wink to our Creator :D ).

Everyday, I wake up to a new day. Everyday, I look forward to the new things I can give my family. Everyday, I look forward to the new things that will make life extraordinary.
Just yesterday, our car wasn't allowed to hit the main roads because of the number coding. You know what, instead of taking a cab to bring and fetch my son from school, I took a tricycle and I brought my youngest son with me, so that he can experience it. It was a fun ride with my boys.
And one of the most important things I am very focused on, is Frankie's performance in school. His social skills, academic, and attitude. As a parent, I want my children to balance these 3 factors. With the last parent- teacher conference we had, we were told that Frankie's doing well and as always, he's loving Math. When I was my son's age, I never liked Mathematics. That's why I am very grateful for the turn-out, it came out naturally for Frankie to love numbers.
At this point in time, all I want to do is to be abale to provide a well-balanced foundation at home. If I'm needed to sacrifice more of the time left for myself, I will give it, I will do it.
Anything for my children...

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