So Much Gifts and Surprises

19 October 2012

Finally, a post of my warm thanks and appreciation to the people who were very thoughtful. Thank you for sending me not only my favorite things but also the big smile on my face. These are just some of the items I received. There was so much that I just went with whatever I can take a picture of.
 Friends and relatives would always give me Bath & Body Works products such as body lotions and body wash for pasalubong. Now, it's raining Bath& Body Works Pocket Bac. They all smell good.
New set of make-up. Yehey Clinique! Eversince I started grooming myself with make-up may it be for special occasions or sometimes a little something for an ordinary day, it has always been Clinique. Clinique products suits my skin type.

I'm a lip gloss person, it makes my lips healthy. I shifted to Burt's Bees because it is made of  natural ingredients, it moisturizes and conditions lips. 
When it comes to fashion and the latest for us women, I rely on Lucky Magazine. They don't only feature a whole fashion line, but they also share points and practical ways to be fashionable without going overboard. I have tons of it. I always go back to old issues and I try to think of ways on how to reinvent certain styles.
I was asked what I wanted... Since I have a baby around, I've let go of perfumes for awhile. The only thing I could think that can be less harmful and milder are body sprays. So I said, how about GAP Dream just a small bottle that will last at least for next months. To my surprise, I got 2 and even  better GAP Dream More. This scent is hard to find here in the Philippines because people are always on the look for GAP Dream.
With the amount of GAP Dream More at hand... I will surely be floating in my dreams with its lovely scent.
The people who showered me with so much goodies... they know me too well, without uttering a word, they know what to get for me... You know who you are... I am truly blessed and grateful for the thought and most of all, to be part of your family.

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