Rockin' The One Shoulder Look

10 October 2012

A few weeks ago, my husband and I attended a wedding...
The theme of Black & White gave the whole celebration a simple yet an elegant feel.
The groom is the cousin of my husband. By the way, it was my first time to attend a wedding as a sponsor.
Well, I'm more of a representative for my mother-in-law who resides in America. We were all very excited preparing for the event. My gown was provided by my in-laws. They were able to come up with an exquisite look for me. The One- Shoulder Look.
It's been a long time since I got dressed up for a formal occasion, so please bear if I go crazy over this one. I never in my whole life did see myself wearing a one- shoulder dress. I'm so happy and thankful for the people who helped me ramp up a good look for the wedding.
I accessorized with Majorica pearls, matching bracelet and earrings and of course my wedding ring. I didn't wanna over do it, a nude shade for my nails blended perfectly. Gold clutch that can turn into an instant purse with short and long handles and Prissy Cosmic Dust from Naturalizer for my footwear.
For my make-up, I did it myself. I wanted a simple- not too flashy but still noticeable look. Then I went to a local salon in Tagaytay for my hair. I decided to go for a bun because I want to accentuate my shoulders and of course the one- shoulder strap of the gown.
I'm happy that my mother-in-law was very pleased. This is an important thing for me, considering my role as a sponsor and as an inspiration to the couple.
Married for 8 years and having a blissful relationship with that same person for 12 years.
My husband was very handsome, we both went back to the time.
There were times when I tend to forget to take care of myself with the work needed to be done in the house. That very same occasion made me feel so beautiful.  It reminded me that hey, even if I stay at home, it's important to look at oneself in front of the mirror and say "I am beautiful in a very unique way"...with that, you don't even need to dress up or wear make-up. I'll carry this positive thought with me forever.

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