29 November 2012

It's been a month again since my last post and boy I really feel bad leaving my blogs with nothing. I made this post because just over the weekend, we had dinner with a family from America.
He asked me: "Ench, how come you don't post pictures anymore?"
So I answered: "Tito my hands are full taking care of the boys, I never thought that it is going to be this hectic."
Somewhat, my Tito's question inspired me to share my life for the past month since my last post. Not only I stopped posting or sharing pictures on Facebook, but as you noticed, I seldom make articles on my blogs including my food website.
As always, I've been very busy being a mom. I wake up at 6am go to bed with my 2 boys at 8:30pm. Within the day, I do chores, play with my baby, hang-out a bit with my husband and been busy with errands.
I knew that it will take some more from my part as our family grows bigger, and one to consider is time for myself and time for the things I love to do. Life is like that. My reward is far greater than the time I lost for myself because I was given 3 individuals that makes my life more colorful each day.
My son Frankie had another school presentation entitled One for Africa. I was very busy preparing him for this event, mostly, bringing him to school and coordinating with his teachers. Of course, as a parent, I want what's best for my children, I will do anything to support my kids in whatever they do.

At home, Mikee kept me occupied. He's now trying to walk, talk and his 2 front teeth came out already. In a few weeks he'll be turning 1 year.
Everyday our youngest son shows a lot in terms of development. The amusing part in the process is being able to distinguish the difference between Mikee and Frankie when it comes to personality.

Over-all, my boys are both intelligent and charming.

I am thankful that for each day given to me, I deal with milestones, happiness and good news. I am grateful that I was given this privelege to stay at home and witness life's wonderful gifts through my children, my loving husband and emo.

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