Girly Beach Essentials

28 April 2011

With our trip to Baler, we officially started summer. I wasn't really aware of the beach essentials we girls need. I was too occupied of the things my little boy needs. Until over the weekend, my friends managed to put some things together and labeled it as Girly Beach Essentials.  Our girly essentials was assembled by my friend Janel. It just so happen that Janel was carrying her favorite bottle of C2 drink, her lovely beach hat, her stylish sunglasses, a small bottle of sunblock and of course, a nice pair of Havaianas. Janel was missing one thing though, a beach towel (which I provided). Actually it was Franky's beach blanket (lol!). But other than that, I guess everything we girls need is here. That's minus our gadgets by the way. I mean, we go to the beach with our tablets, mp3s or cellphones, that would be a little weird right? For me, once I leave city life, I make sure that not a gadget is brought to the beach except for a camera.

Let me know what else is missing so we can add it on our list for a fab summer! :D

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