The Cute Culprit

04 April 2011

It's one those days when I totally felt that it was okay to leave my favorite shoes out in the open. At home, ever since, we've been practicing on putting our shoes in the shoe cabinet the moment we set foot inside the house. Well last night I was feeling too tired and lazy to put my favorite pair of flats in. And when I got out of the room a few hours later, this happened. Dots all over.
It's not really seen unless you take a closer look at it. But just the thought that there are scratch marks and punch holes on my favorite flats, well, it's making me uncomfortable. All I can do was  stare and I was very disappointed deep inside. Clearly, it was my fault. I shouldn't have left my shoes  as a laying temptation for the dog. We all know that puppies are playful, they literally go through anything and bite whatever they can munch on. 
The Cute Culprit
Emo is just a pup, obviously,  it's my responsibility as a pet owner to adjust a little to the new environment of having a dog around. I love Emo. I can always buy a new pair of shoes, but one thing is for sure, I will never find a dog like Emo again.
Remember, never a dog should be spanked or yelled at.


Mylene said...

Who can afford to yell or spank such cute offender ? :D

Chris said...

well, he will eventually get over chewing your stuff... :)