Date Night: Friday Night Jam

28 April 2011

Date Night is also considered as Me Time. Friday, my husband and I considered it as date night with a little parenting duty on the side.  At 6pm in the evening we attended a Parent's Orientation at The Piazza, Mckinley Hill Bonifacio Global City. Would you believe, one of the branches of my son's school is located along side with restaurants. Anyway, it was quite surprising for a school location. But that's not really the case, because my son's going to a campus 5 minutes away from our home.
After attending our orientation, my husband had to go back to work. From work, we had dinner at Sandwich Guy then off to the main highlight of the evening. 
Friday Night Jam at Pete's Place.
On date night, my husband would often take me to a restaurant for dinner then, if not a movie, we hop in a bar for the rest of the evening. Personally, I like hanging out in a bar and have some beer while listening to cool music than watching a movie.

Friday Night Jam At Pete's Place is an open jam session for musicians. We landed at Pete's through an invite from a very good friend. My husband told me that the last time he set foot at Pete's Place was back in 1998 or 1999. Pretty long time, no wonder he was very excited. Early that evening, we made plans of heading to Mercato Centrale for Midnight Mercato. I didn't mind if we didn't proceed with the Mercato plan, because I also wanted to hear my husband jam again.
The moment we arrived at Pete's Place, we knew that we made the right decision. Because that night, Sir Nitoy of The Jerks was also present to rock the rest of the night away.
One thing we enjoyed at Pete's Place was the Self Service Only policy. Pete has a bar. You pay and get a stub for your drink, and you get to be the bartender too.
Our date night was spent with friends, our favorite food, good music and in the warmth of each other's arms. 
 We seldom go out on a date, but when we do, we make sure to make every minute of it fun, extraordinary and memorable.

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