Having A Cool Summer

13 April 2011

So what have I been up to lately? But first let me tell you that I was caught by surprise with tons of activities for the past weeks.I never thought that we will be this busy.

Finalizing our summer getaway to Baler: We thought of a little adventure. We decided to bring the car and drive  all the way  to Baler that's why we're securing and shaping everything up.

Preparing for school year 2011-2012: This includes orientation, assessment and accomplishing school requirements. My son's school will provide the school supplies, books and my son won't be wearing uniform. With that, we're aiming to enroll our son by the end of April so coming May, we're free and we can enjoy the rest of summer.

In- between our busy lives, my family still has time to enjoy other activities. Just last weekend, we celebrated 2 occasions. My parent's 36th wedding anniversary and my mom's birthday.
And of course, we're very much enjoying as we witness Emo's growth and development. Our hard work  is paying off, (well just thinking of what happened to Coco) taking care of a puppy to a soon fully- grown dog is satisfying and rewarding.

To add with the growing load of excitement. We spent a lovely Sunday at Sta. Rosa Laguna and had a blast at Enchanted Kingdom.
To add, I've been visiting a dance studio with my sister and been doing some shopping too.  That's why today, I declare multitasking day. Will stay indoors and finish all the chores that went hanging over the past days.

It's been wonderful  for us. Everytime we go out, we're always granted with a fine weather. Most of the time, it's sunny and windy. You know it's summer because of the smell of the breeze with the Bougainvillea and Yellow Bells flourishing. Yes it's dry, but it's seldom hot and humid, this I must say is one of the coolest and loved summer for my family.


Chris said...

glad to know that you are having a productive summer! :D

♥peachkins♥ said...

Ykaie is going to school this year.. we are kind of busy too with Summer and visitors from abroad..

BTW, linked this blog up on my mommy blog: The Mommy Who Never Sleeps

Mayet said...

we're still waiting for summer here;) but really excited, we're planning a trip,too!

Mayet said...

hi, visiting you again