Family, Friends and Summer

30 April 2011

A great vacation is best shared with our loved ones and close friends. Our Baler Trip was almost a year in the making. We adjusted to everyone's schedule in order to create a fun and relaxing trip. Yes, as a family (that's just me with my 2 boys) we can survive a travel with just the 3 of us. But as much as possible, a few more company adds entertainment and excitement to a trip whether it's long or short one.
With friends and family all rolled up in one event, it can sure make wonders and deliver an unforgettable set of memories. As a mother, I am grateful for each opportunity that comes along the way  for my son to be able to explore.
I find it extraordinary because at an early age of 6, Franky has already experienced so many things. How to trek up a mountain, enjoyed a giant waterfall and even saw his parents surf.

As a wife, it's a blast to share with my other half the very same things we both enjoyed when we were kids. It's like re-living our childhood memories and even better, because we have each other.
To our friends, with  Rach, Khams Bryan and Choy you guys gave a different meaning to what friendship is all about. Dolf and I were given the most down to earth, the most humble people, great personalities full of love. All I can say is thank you... I am very grateful to have you guys too. As always, being with these guys makes every moment of summer colorful and unforgettable.

I grew up with a closely- knit family. Even now, I carry that bond with me with my husband.  We consider our families as our friends and our friends as part of our family.

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Chris said...

Family friends and summer = total fun! :D