Express Yourself Responsibly

27 April 2011

Freedom. With one delicate word out comes phrases and other words such as: Liberty, without restraint, independence, authority or power over... these give deeper meaning as we practice any of these in our daily lives. 

Freedom of self -expression is not forbidden, especially online. This why we're able to pour our emotions and put our thoughts into details for others to know. It is actually, an art. But everything goes wrong if one over- generalize statements or a certain point of view. Some are acceptable and understandable, but most are posted irresponsibly. I made this blog because I got insulted by a blogger's statement. Just to clear things, this person doesn't know me, I accidentally landed on her page and it just so happen that I was browsing. I felt that I was a victim of a generalized shoutout. I thought it was an unfair judgment. For every shoutout we post online, whether on our blogs, twitter, facebook, plurk, anywhere! try to mix every word with respect and hopefully,  as authors we will be able to grip more positivity. Be sensitive of the impact a single word can do.

Try to be aware, use appropriate words and expressions. Freedom should be practiced with respect and great responsibility. Because clearly, anything that you feed from your keyboard to your computer system reflects the type of person you are in real life. What's with the 500 followers you have who thinks you're right, compared to the rest around the world who may  feel they're victims of such irresponsible statements.

I am just an ordinary person who just so happen to have internet at home, who managed to find time and browsed through some websites while sipping her cup of hot Cafe Mocha at home. To be honest, I seldom encounter unacceptable statements. But when I do, I voice my thoughts by making posts and  as much as possible I try to balance it out. Because in reality, our environment is already a mess, we don't want trash over the net too. Be wise on making shoutouts. Too much of these irresponsible statements might just get you into trouble.


Peachy said...

Oh my gosh, was it me?I know I'm super taklesa sometimes...

If that was me, I'm so sorry..

Enchie said...

hehehe :D not you Peachy... I apologize if I made your mind bloggle a bit: non- from my blogger friends or any from my blogroll. you're all happy bloggers :)