I Dream For A Chevy Cruze

29 September 2010

Not only I dream for this Chevy, I will add this to my wish list too. Of all the things to dream about, I never really considered a car. May it be second hand or brand new. But when I saw this Chevy Cruze, finally, a vehicle made it to my list. I love how deep they made the color red. Not too catchy, but very stylish and elegant for a lady- driver. Another reason why I want this is because of its name---CRUZE--- for those who know me...well, you know what I'm talking about. (wink) A feature that would probably catch your attention is the space this car has to offer. And being  a family person, space does matter to me. And when you have plenty of space, comfort and safety follows. Let's see... we have plans on buying a new car soon, but as a family, we opted for a bigger vehicle. This will definitely just stay under "my" personal needs and most probably, I will suggest this car for my sisters. Yeah, my dad will buy my younger sisters a car one of these days, let's just wait and see.


♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

The car name is specially made for you. :)
But kidding aside,Chevy is a good brand, hubby works in auto-industry now that manufacture it's parts and other accessories,He saw how critical they are in terms of quality control.
Good choice! and yes, the color is Superb!!!!

imriz said...

wow! can i share in ur dream? dream only...for i heard this is over 1.something million, aw!

Sean said...

Thanks for the great write-up and glad you love the car.

A local dealership had a nice rundown on the car on their blog the other day.