2's Awesome!

19 September 2010

Just this Saturday, 4 things in 2 sets came by surprise. 
1. A dvd box set of 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later. I have been looking for this set for a very long time. Finally, I was able to find one, and if I didn't ask the sales lady, I will never know. It was the only copy left on the shelf, so I think it was really meant for me. These 2 Zombie movies are my favorites among the long line of Zombie flicks made. The thrill, the unexpected surprises, the zombie attacks, stories of different individuals working together and against each other... it was just too good.
2. Feeling all sluggish and lazy this morning, the 2 Blackberries I saw on my computer table woke me up. My husband started using a Blackberry when he moved to a different company 2 years ago. He was required to own one, so he got his first Blackberry then.  The other one? Hmmm... What do you think? As always, one of those is the old BB of  my husband. This is what I'm talking about they just come. The other one may not be as new , but with proper care, still looks good. Let's just put it this way, I'm officially carrying 3 cellphones in my bag right now.  My Sony Ericsson P990i, my tiny Nokia from SMART (which I got recently) and now a BlackBerry® Curve™ 8320. Honestly, I don't need it, but in times like these... WHO CARES!
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Jhari said...

Nice one Mommy Chie. Exchange PINs tayo? Hehehe!

Tetcha said...

You're one lucky girl! Happy Monday morning!

Jes said...

akin nlng kung d mo need lols. =))

Jes said...

akin nlng kung d mo need lols. =))

Chris said...

you are blessed indeed! by the way, i recommended you to a red ribbon event for tomorrow night... i do hope they contact you and that you are available.. :)

Beth said...

Wow, sa akin na lang un isang cp?! :) ang hilig mo sa horror movies?! Di ko kaya manood ng ganyan e. Khit bayaran pa ako hehehe :P

Have a blessed Sunday, Enchie!