Sunday Activity: Shopping for Flowering Plants

27 September 2010

One of the things I enjoy every Sunday is relaxing and planning things for the house. Since we now live "in a house", it's more fun and there are plenty of options, activities to do with my family. So yesterday, I asked my husband to accompany me to a nearby place to buy flowering plants. I have been on it a few months ago since we transferred. I need at least 3 or 4 pots to make my laundry area look nice. And to my excitement I even forgot the lady about the name of the flowers I just bought. (haha!)
Anyway, I was able to buy small pouches of the flowers for 25 bucks each. Then I asked them to plant it by 2s in a clay pot. I'm not good at taking care of plants, and most especially flowers. My first batch died immediately a few months after.
 When I got to the area, I asked the sales lady to choose a flowering plant for me that don't require too much sun and water and that can be both for indoor and outdoor purposes. It was a great choice, I've been seeing this plant everywhere, and I was told that it grows and blooms fast. This was also the very same plant planted at my late father-in-laws grave. It will look stunning once it branches out. My next project is to fill the small garden by our bedroom window with shrubs and I want a plant that grows small, purple, flowers. I didn't buy it yet, because I still need to measure the area. 

Imagine put them together, side by side, it is going to be an instant Lavender field- like by our window.

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Tetcha said...

This is one of the many beautiful things that you get to enjoy when you have a lot of space in your home. This doesn't apply to condo living. My son only gets to see gardens and plants when we visit his lolo (my father) in Cavite.