Foggy Night In Tagaytay

04 October 2010

It all started with a text message last Thursday afternoon. Our friend Ricky, circulated a message of a possible meet- up over the weekend. Since it was also Rachel's birthday and my husband also needed a break after being hospitalized a few weeks back, we thought, yeah, it is a good idea and a  perfect activity. It wasn't really  planned, and that's the fun part. Saturday afternoon, we all decided to dress up and drive to Sta.Rosa, Laguna. At first, it was a choice between Paseo De Sta. Rosa, then Nuvali and even Enchanted Kingdom. But 2 of our friends were already in Tagaytay, so we all agreed to go all the way to the lovely city of Tagaytay. When we got there, it was already gloomy and a bit cold, but that didn't stop us from roaming around. While waiting for the rest of the guys, my husband and I decided to take our son to Paradizoo. 
While doing our snake photo op, in just a few minutes, the fog started to set in, and it came with a pouring rain. We had to end our short trip to the zoo immediately. Driving to the restaurant took us quite sometime because of the fog covering the road. As we approach our destination, with our friends waiting, the area started to get clear.

Began our wonderful dinner and enjoyed the whole time with our close friends. While eating we noticed that the fog was setting -in once again. This time, it was getting thicker. We almost stayed over night thinking it would be best not to drive with the weather. But we were not prepared, so we waited until finally we could see the road clearly. 
When foggy circumstances pops out and you're in the middle of the road, immediately go on hazard , slow down then put your lights on high beam. If you can pull over please do so, with caution. This was not my first time to experience fog in Tagaytay, but definitely, my first time to see it thicker than ever and at night time. Every car was on hazard driving slow. It was dangerous because the cars approaching were only seen with their headlights, when they're already a few meters from our car. It was crazy! We even missed the turn we're suppose to make going back to Manila. My husband drove on our way home, since he is used to this kind of scenario, he drives in San Francisco in zero visibility.

The weather was actually just right, it wasn't too cold, it's just the fog making the drive complicated, but over-all , it was a nice evening.


Chris said...

you are so near our place na! :) anyway, hope to meet up with you again someday :)

Enchie said...

Hi Chris! I keep on telling my husband that you live in Sta. Rosa everytime we're in the area :) Will let you know, if we stayed in Nuvali or somewhere around the area, I would have texted you.

Jona said...

maybe that snake was roaming somewhere else when we went to Paradizoo, hehe :D
hubby was supposed to have a photo shoot in Nuvali but it was rescheduled because of the weather. it must have really been hard driving around tagaytay with the thick fogs.

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Beth said...

you told the fog story too well, enchie! parang andun ako, and honestly, my heart skipped a bit! kakabasa ko yata ng books kaya nakakarelate ako agad sa mga nababasa ko hehehe. pero really, nakakatakot! buti your hubby is used to driving on that situation. Thank God you're all safe.

sayang un Paradizoo escapade nyo, di bale next time, the weather will cooperate na :)