Spoiled Surprise

05 September 2010

My husband and I got stuck in the hospital for the past 5 days, it's just wonderful when friends would visit. So here we are gathered in our room, while chatting, I was fixing my bag, a co-worker of my husband (Princess) saw the bag, this red bag below.  

The old surprise: it has been my favorite bag since then. I wonder if the new one will impress me. Hmmm...

She was like: "it's the bag" I knew immediately that she's one of the people who helped my husband choose the bag above for my birthday back in 2008.

It all started with my old red tote. Princess accidentally slipped that another bag is set to be shipped from Canada or the US (I didn't hear it clearly) but for sure, it's another bag that my husband ordered.

It was a surprise, now I know that I have something coming, and to hold the excitement, I didn't ask for the specifications, like the type of bag, the brand, the color, all I know he bought another one for me (again).

All this time, I was totally clueless until we had that conversation with Princess. I think Princess didn't know that it was a secret. Anyway, thanks Princess. I'm very excited! This is the only surprise from my husband that got spoiled. Bottomline, I am very blessed to have married a wonderful person full of surprises. There's no occasion to celebrate, but here he is brewing another unforgettable memory in my life.


Admin said...

Your husband is so sweet, Enchie! You're lucky to have him :)

God bless you both.


Beth said...

Hi Enchie, Dolph is so sweet talaga. Super love ka niya. I love surprises din. heheeh, pero my husband, I think, doesn't. :)

Tetcha said...

You're super lucky to have a sweet husband, Enchie. I hope my husband surprises me, too! LOL!

Joy said...

hi enchie! hope dolf gets well soon.