Franky's Weekend Birthday Celebration

18 September 2010

If Franky's birthday celebration for the past years were simple, make this one the simplest. Yet, we will make it the most memorable.

Birthday Graphics

Weekend? my husband and I decided to make our weekend extra special this week. For the upcoming birthday of our son, we came up with several plans to have the whole weekend just for Franky. To begin, today, we will be going to all of his toy shops at the Greenhills Shopping Center and make him choose whatever he likes. Actually he's been requesting for a Ben 10 watch. Another, is a Superman Costume. He now likes Superman more than Spiderman, or maybe because Superman can fly.
Then after, we will be bringing him to SM Megamall to have a good time at his favorite play area, while playing, my husband and I will proceed on buying more gifts for him. Tonight, we will have dinner and off to see The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. Franky likes this movie, everytime he sees the preview on television, he stops with whatever he is doing and he gives his full attention.

Kids, they always make it unforgettable every time they get whatever they want on their special day. True? based on my experience, one of my unforgettable moments as a child was when I got my first Barbie Doll. And even up to now, that experience is one of the most talked about, especially when I recall my childhood days with my parents and siblings. And we want Franky to have those same unforgettable thoughts. That someday we will have our own conversation, recalling his first favorite moments as a child. At this age, it's going to be easier for children to register special events, especially if it is their birthday. By the way, the celebration continues until tomorrow. we have another set of activities, starting with lunch at Johnny Rockets!


Enchie said...

Correction, we thought that The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole is already showing, but we just found out that it's not up yet, so we went shopping instead.

Jona said...

wow! sounds like a lot of fun for the little big boy! i'm sure you're making him feel happy and special with all this Ench :D

Tetcha said...

Happy birthday, Franky! You're lucky to have parents who only want the best for you.

Jes said...

sweet!!! happy bday to your baby!!! =)
totoo mare unforgettable tlga yan sa knila....=) i remmber some of my bdays nung buhay p papa ko...cnt 4get n bnlhan nya ko ng bota for rainy bday is aug kya tag ulan lgi =)

Chris said...

Happy birthday Franky! :) I am sure you had an amazing birthday!!! :)