Thank You 2009

31 December 2009

Another year will soon leave and a new beginning to set place. We're still very thankful for the material things that satisfied us. But the most important are the reasons and purposes, the thoughts that made 2009 a worthy year, inspite of the hardships and loss. Tell me, CHANGE played a big part this year right?

On a personal note, 2009 has been very kind to me and my family. So much milestones as a parent has been achieved. So much lessons learned and discoveries made to take as motivators.

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Thank you 2009 for these achievements, discoveries and lessons. It made us complete, it made us open ourselves to new perspectives.

With that, we gladly accept every challenge for the years to come and look at it as opportunities in disguise.
With that, we will continue to keep a healthy mind & body.
With that, we will continue to show our love in service to other people.
With that, we will live a simpler but a meaningful life.
With that, we are greatly honored to have reached a new chapter in our lifetime.

No more fears, only new beginnings... Let us take every challenge to the next level and take it as a learning curve. Pray & Hope for a good, humble, a God-Fearing, God- Loving leader who will serve as guidance to a cleaner government system. Good life, Good Health, Clean living for all Filipinos. Inspiration for others and Being a Positive Thinker.

Fireworks Sm Mall of Asia

My life in the blogosphere will remain the same. The things that will make it different are the new tales that I will share with my boys as another year unfolds.


onlinemommy said...

Pray & Hope for a good leader and a clean government <-- I certainly agree with this statement mommy Enchie. The only way to have a good government is God's intervention.

chubskulit said...

The Cottrill's wants to wish you a prosperous New Year!

joy said...

enchie! wishing you a blessed, prosperous and a happy new year! may you and your loved ones be healthy throughout the year!

niko said...

Wishing you a very prosperous and happy 2010!

Take care always,

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Chris said...

happy new year!! :D

Denesa said...

Happy New Year to you and family:)