Mother and Son Took The Center Stage

21 December 2009

Yes! another milestone indeed as to what the school directress told us in her opening remarks. Every mom knows what I mean. For a first time school mom, this achievement was hats off for my son's effort and overall performance. We are very proud of him. This is his first performance on stage and mine as a mother. We enjoyed, loved and cherished every moment of this experience.
Our Little Drummer Boy
Every dance number was different from the other. It was a creative venture of ideas. Kudos for the hard working teachers who were able to make the event a giant success.I would also like to thank them for giving this opportunity so I can contribute as a parent. I was invited to join the other moms for a dance number. Of course, I will never say no to anything that will open a chance for me and for us as parents to show our support to son.
I was coping with everything. Doing my regular chores, preparing for Christmas, bringing my son to school for his dance rehearsals, and at night, I go out to practice for my presentation. And the day before our presentation, I sprained my ankle. It was terrible, I couldn't sleep, it was very painful. But again, I know that He will never let anything come in- between. God is good, He made me feel better for the Big Day. Though I still can't jump and do some bumps, it was ok. I was able to dance.
It was all worth it!
It has been a good school year for Franky. My wishes came true before 2009 ends. It would be a blessing to stay active with various school activities for the years to come. My son gladly appreciates our presence. Not only did it brought out his confidence, it was also the boosting force behind this happy Little Drummer Boy.


ruby said...

wow ha telented kayo parehong son mo!
ang galing naman!
Surviving Deployment
A new beginning

pinayrichmom said...

congratulations! looks like you both had fun! :)

Willa said...

Way to go Mommy Enchie!!
and Frankie is absolutely adorable on his little drummer boy's costume!

Tetcha said...

Congrats,Mommy Enchie and Franky! A good performance is a good way to end school in December.Next year ulit ha?

Lulu said...

very nice pics... i love franky's smile on the pics... im sure nag enjoy talaga sya

Jac said...

Congratulation Enchie, Franky is so cute in his costume.

Clarissa said...

Oh my!!I love your lil drummer costume--Franky look so cool!!Way to go,Mommy Enchie!!Would love to see you dance,too!!^_^

Merry Christmas to you and your family,Mommy Enchie!!^_^

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