Avatar--- Our Year-End Movie

02 December 2009

I miss watching movies... New Moon is out, 2012 is out, the Grudge went out already. The last flick I watched was "Up". And it is a cartoon. With ours, my son sometimes call the shots. I had to get a babysitter, in order for me and my husband to watch the movie we want that is sometimes not fit for a 5 year old. If this is the case, we wait for the DVD of that certain movie we didn't see, to come out.

As my husband and I were breezing for new movies to come this December, we found out that Avatar is going to be shown before Christmas. Yehey!

Hopefully, before the Manila Film Festival movies takes over cinemas here in the Philippines, we will be able to watch Avatar. That is, before the year ends by the way. As frequent movie goers, we do feel bad that we missed a lot this November '09, at least a good flick to end 2009 will make us feel complete.

If you're a sci-fi movie fan, Avatar is a must -see movies by James Cameron (Director of Aliens, TITANIC, True Lies and Terminator 2).

Genre: Science-Fiction
Directed by: James Cameron
Written by: James Cameron
Sam Worthinghton, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang,


Genejosh said...

I'm also curious to watch avatar...maybe it would be a nice movie to watch to think that James Cameron is the director. Thanks for the visit...

Lulu said...

saw the thriller too... amazing! I surely will look forward to this

Angel said...

Yeah, I think this is a must-watch movie. Saw the trailer, it looks good. Can't wait!