PBW---Pirates, Arrrr!

14 December 2009

For once in my blogging history, let me share how I have a good time.
This mom took a break over the weekend. Not just an ordinary break, it was her ultimate getaway for this year. And when I say ultimate, that involves an awesome party with a cool crowd and theme, 100% pure fun, laughter, good friends, good food and tequila! I was given all the time to look for a babysitter, thanks to my sister Les, hugs for you! Had an awesome evening with my husband. It was a night to remember.
On board the 7107 Island Cruise Ship, the pirates partied all night long. Arrr!!!
with friends: me, frances, aries and jl
Drunk? - Not--- Yet
We had beer to start a good night, took a lot of pictures, explored the yacht, stayed at the bar.
Our shot glasses
Cheers to a good year!
A toast isn't enough we had to take another bottle of Tequila from the bar. Not to forget the salt container.live music from an awesome bandmore fun, more friends with ellen and selena!with ellen and rach
This party was an opportunity for me to once again feel the life I used to live. The life my husband shared with me when we started going out some years ago. I do miss our usual night outs, not that what I have right now isn't fun. I love the mother in me, the wife and the person I am right now. I feel great sharing some pieces of my story to this people. And it was nice to be around my husband's arms at the same time.

Anyway, aside from having a good time, I was also checking on my little boy at home. Making calls, and texting. I'm still a mom, and my responsibility doesn't end even if I'm out of our home having a blast.

Friends... this is where you'll find them. I seldom make posts about our circle of friends, the people we're with are not only friends to us, but family.

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Enchie said...

Hi to Peachy and Tejan! thanks for the messages :)

kikamz said...

That's a great weekend Ench! i can say that you really had a blast with your friends... there's that sparkle in your eyes. am happy for you!

Clarissa said...

Good for you,Mommy Enchie!!Minsan lang ang ganyang parties minus the kids--parang naki-goodtime na rin ako thru pics mo!!You deserve a good time with friends!!^_^

Enchie said...

Thank you Kamz and Clang! Even you guys deserve it! Sana maka pag party tayo lahat :)

Sassy Mom said...

That must have been a really cool party... Love the theme!