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01 December 2009

Photography is a very expensive hobby. A good lens may cost as much as buying a new and upgraded DSLR, & I wanted one for my birthday and for Christmas.

But since I still lack knowledge and the proper skills, somebody advised me to take lessons and join workshops first so I can improve.

Taking pictures has always been just a hobby for me. Later on, I saw both the serious and lighter side of it. It's not just a hobby that can open one door. It opens all doors and windows in the field. The wide range of opportunities in store... so why not get into it 100% right?

I will get to gain a lot. Like discovering new things, make new friends, enhancing creativity and imagination, learning from other people. At the same time, I already have the heart for it and I enjoy doing it, which settles everything by the way.
Finally, after contemplating for months, I decided to take Photography lessons before totally upgrading to a more specified set of tools for my photographic experience. Basic to Advanced. After finishing my Basic Photography workshop, that's the time I plan to get a good set of lenses and a speedlight of course. Immediately, I can proceed to Advanced Photography.

Thinking on how I will go about it kept my mind blocked from blogging. My mind was totally blank for the past weeks.

Anyway, yesterday I bought myself a new lens. Something that I can use so that my old one can rest.
enchie’s love for photos

50mm f/1.8II ( and for about 5 minutes I was imaging myself holding a Canon 50 mm f/1.2 L USM)
I'm after the aperture for this one. It's small, lighter and gives sharper images. It's a fixed lens, so I will be adjusting if we talk about range. I also bought a set of diffusers and a filter.
enchie’s love for photos

Orange diffuser
The whole week, I have been figuring out whether I should buy a super- duper nice lens, I ended up toying around. Meaning, adding a little color to the kit I presently have.
enchie’s love for photos
Blue Diffuser
A translucent diffuser was also included which softens flash light for a consistent tone. With one of the smallest DSLR at hand, a colorful set of diffusers and a cute new lens, my camera literally looks like a toy right now.


Chris said...

wow... so nice..

darly said...

You are right Momi E, photography is uber expensive. Si hubby ko took up lessons too, and im really all for it kasi although pricey, fulfilling naman talaga once you become an expert.

Will look forward for more of your artistic captures ;)

Jac said...

Nice pictures Enchie keep it up :) I remember yung picture ng sis mo na black and white grabe prang professional ang kumuha!!

Anney said...

I love taking photos din. Kaya lang wala akong time pa pag aralan talaga para maganda ang pagkakuha gaya ng mga professionals. Canon 50 f/1.8 nga lang ang gamit ko kasi wala pa kong datung pangbili ng mas mahal na lens. hehehe! Hirap lang dito pag kailangan mo pa umatras at pader na yung uurungan mo.LOL! Pero maganda naman pag close up pics.

onlinemommy said...

You are already talking like a pro mommy! Daming terms na bago sa akin nyahahhaa...

God bless to your hobby.