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01 January 2010

After thanking 2009 for a memorable year, it's now time to set our goals and dreams f0r 2010.

I saw a lesser reason for me as an individual, I saw content on my part as a person, and I am very thankful that at an early age, I'm done with myself, I'm done with pampering myself with what I want. Besides, I'm a SAHM, and being a stay at home mom doesn't require too much to live everyday. I've graduated on being just "Enchie" and I passed the exam on being a great Mother and Wife. We will all come to a point when we realize that "I'm happy, I can't think of anything for myself!"especially when all we see everyday is our family.
For the past 5 years, I enjoyed "the real life", living by our small dreams, anything that money can't buy. Like having my own family, witnessing my son's every milestone, being a hands-on parent with all the laughter we share.

One of the main highlights of 2009, was my son's firsts in school. It was made official that it feels like I will be attending school once again. Teaching him his lessons, giving him advance notes and feeding him all the good values on becoming a good student. A year from now, we will be choosing a big school for him... A big part of 2010 is going to be all about Franky. As parents, we hope for him to follow the footsteps of his Dad, Lolo Pops and great grandpa on being BLUE. We will do our best to give him the best of everything. We are going to triple our efforts not only for this purpose, but throughout the time he'll be going to school.
Family is the only inspiration I have at hand. As a person blessed with this experience, I will do better and be at my best everyday. Inspirations--- my Mom and Mama (my mother-in-law). I don't see them often, but remembering their own tales that defined them as parents and wives are enough so I can create the right environment for the family and be sensitive with the small things my husband needs.

Like I said in most of my posts in the past, "it will take your entire lifetime to know your partner". It is also the secret in keeping the flame going and for the sparks to light some more. Something that will keep the relationship healthy, something to look forward to everyday, something to laugh about, and something to be proud of. And I don't need 10 years just to realize all these.

My recent discovery--- My husband loves to cook! He is now officially the King of my kitchen. He cooked for my birthday, he cooked for Christmas Eve, he cooked for New Year's Eve. From planning the menu, shopping for the ingredients, preparing the ingredients and cooking, he did everything! This holiday season, it was my first time to actually hear him wish for a cookingware. He baked, he grilled, steamed, sauteed. As for me, I was just sitting and playing around being a Queen.

One thing I love about Dolf is him being super thoughtful and sensitive. Even if I don't utter a word, he knows... And he doesn't need an event or something big just make him feel that he needs to be thoughtful or be extra- sensitive. It's already in him, it's his nature. He makes sure that I am well-taken cared of with our without his presence around. And as early as the first day of the year I am already Thankful once again to The One above for bringing more color to my life---
2010 is going to be all about values on life, family and keeping a positive disposition. It worked for the past 5 years, why not now.


nurseabie said...

Happy New Year Ench! A prosperous New Year for you and your family! God bless...

♥peachkins♥ said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Enchie!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

May you have a fruitful New Year Enchie! ^_^

Anonymous said...

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Ebie said...

Happy New Year Enchie, from my family to yours!
I definitely agree with you, everything revolves around family and especially our children.
Your posts are always inspiring, besides being a good cook and photographer.
Thanks for the friendship in blogging and I will see you around!

Bambie dear ★ said...

i like this post =) very inspirational for me, at somehow nakaka-relate ako. Everysince my lil girl came, i devoted my life in raising her and being a good wifey.. one year pa naman, sana di ako mag-give up =) With your hubby, you're so lucky. I knew it from the start, kitang kita kasi sa aura nyo family ang happiness.. nwei happy new year ulit =)

Clarissa said...

A husband cooking for his family--bihira lang ang ganyan!Lucky you!!^_^

Jona said...

hi Enchie! you're so blessed to have a sensitive (to your needs) husband, i rarely hear that of men :D

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