Doing The Rush

19 December 2009

For the very first time, I am doing the Christmas Rush. I am one of those who will do their last minute shopping 2-3 days before Christmas. We did some shopping early in November, but it wasn't for everything because most of the things we bought are the dry ingredients for our Noche Buena. Things that we can store in the pantry. Of course we want every ingredient to be fresh by the time we cook it.

With the unexpected additional activities, I am now caught between dance practices for my son's Christmas Presentation tomorrow, finalizing our Christmas list and coordinating with my husband on when he's fully available to drive for me. I mean, it's better to get stuck in traffic inside your own car, than in a cab right?

note: I have my own dance presentation with the rest of the moms aside from my son, so make that the 2 of us practicing the whole week.

Hay... I might cancel making fresh pasta for the holidays. I still have chocolate candies and chocolate- coated biscuits to make as giveaways. Making chocolate candies has been part of our Christmas tradition. Everybody from relatives, friends and colleagues, they want it!

Not to mention, more new clothes, gifts, gifts gifts! wrappers, wrappers, wrappers! I have so much planned for this season. Will still buy Poinsettias to make our home more appealing this Holiday Season. I also need to get a new tripod, my old one is not useful anymore. Well, I bought it for Php500, so that explains why it broke down easily. Anyway, tomorrow is the big day for our Christmas Presentation, it is going to be held at the LSGH auditorium. I know all the hard work will pay off. It is also my son's first performance on the big stage. I am already proud of him.

Like what we all say, "That's Life!" and yes, this is the life of an extraordinarymom---multitasking to max!


Lulu said...

ang busy ni mami enchie... good luck sa presentation nyo

♥peachkins♥ said...

Kaya mo yan Enchie!

Tetcha said...

I hope mommy and son's Christmas presentation went well. Justin performed, too, last Dec. 12. Here's the link in case you want to see it: