It's All About Family This Holiday Season

28 December 2009

As the saying goes:

"The most important gift around every Christmas Tree is the presence of the whole family..."
If we're going to talk about the true essence of Christmas, Christ was born with Mama Mary and Joseph by his side. I was told that the Nativity is the true symbol of Christmas, and I would like to share with you our wonderful experience this year. Christmas with the Cruz Family has always been fun. Especially the time when my father-in-law was still around to celebrate it with us. The whole family from my husband's side was present. Things changed 2 years ago, mostly left for the U.S., my father-in-law passed away a month after Christmas of 2007. It was just sad to see that we're all going our separate ways. We celebrated Christmas 2008 like the usual, but we're still grieving with the lost of a special loved one and reality--- it was just different. Especially when we're used to celebrating with the whole family.

This year, it was our time to get back on track, we're completely adjusted and made the holidays extra special once more. My husband got us a new desktop to enjoy, [EFX Kit-BL-GLD] Effects Board Kit with GOLD PLATED connectors for my husband, camera accessories for me, Franky went shopping at Toy Kingdom. As gift, we made him grab whatever he wanted.

Even if we're oceans apart from our family in America, it didn't let us down. Thanks to the awesome gift of technology, the internet. It made us feel that we're just side by side, opening gifts together and greeting each other Merry Christmas. I have my own family now... and the important thing is being able to celebrate the holiday season with my boys. That is something great to be thankful for. Besides, my husband made sure that our Christmas tree is going to be full of gifts to give away.

Let me take this moment to give my message of love and appreciation to my other half--- I was choosing a card to go with his gift when I found an extraordinary card with an extraordinary message stacked in between the Christmas cards...

The message: Celebrate Every Day With Me My LOVE
"What I love most about my life is living it with you. I am so thankful to know the kind of love we share. You make me so happy. You bring me joy. I feel so fortunate to know that dreams do come true and love is a trusted force that direct our hearts to know what is best for us. In the deepest part of my Being, I know that I'd be lost without you. Our dreams and goals keep me hoping, caring, and planning. Because of you, I wake up every day excited about life. Our love is the reason I have a song in my heart. I want to go on sharing my life with you forever and I hope you will celebrate every day with me, my love."

-Donna Fargo-

The moment I read the message, I knew that this card was meant for him. Exactly what my heart has been wanting to tell him on Christmas Day.

Other than celebrating Christmas with my family, The Laras (my side) were all present. For the past 2 years my brother Nano, was always busy with work. He is a Manager for a fast food chain , and knowing him as a responsible person, he never leaves his team at work even on Christmas and New Year's Eve. We supported him all the way, but it made us feel incomplete. Family makes us complete as a person, regardless of our status in life.

In my side of the family we also have this bond to be present especially on special occasions. And God granted for all us to be together this year. My brother took a time -off from work and was able to join us.

It's been a long since our last family picture. I have the camera, but I don't feel like taking our fam pic when I know one is missing. I truly embraced this moment with my family. 2010 is going to be a special year for the Laras. I am very happy for our parents. In everything they do, they never fail to include God in every achievement and trial in life, being thankful for the Graces we all have been receiving every day... that's why He Granted a long time dream to come true. Unveiling soon...


Chris said...

such a beautiful post..for me, christmas is about the family being together... that alone is enough :) gifts are just a bonus!

Willa said...

With family around us to celebrate the holidays. It makes everything complete!

chubskulit said...

Korekness to the max ka dyan sis, you must have everything but when you don't have a family around during the holidays, its empty. Ako nga kahit andito ako sa asawa't mga anak ko, namimiss ko pa din family ko dyan sa Pinas!

Evan's Mom said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Have a blessed holiday with your family :)

Jona said...

truelyly Chie! Christmas is about being with our family :) happy for you, the family's complete again the past Christmas.

ikaw rin masarap kakwentuhan...we must meet again :D

Have a blessed New Year!

nuts said...

masarap talaga celebrate christmas with family and nativity is the true symbol of christmas..

btw, one short day na lang at 2010
happy new year and
Thanks for all the support!

isa said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to the Laras and Cruzes. God bless!

Cafe au Lait said...

Prayer is my gift to your family wrapped with faith, given with hope and sent with love. May God bless you and your family. Happy New Year!

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Simply Delicious said...

You have a beautiful family. Happy New Year!