Little Green Thumb

24 November 2009

We all had our Monggo seed planting moment right? I planted mine in a soft layer of cotton with water. And it drew out my curious side and eventually, led me to confusion. It was weird thinking why my seed grew from a piece of wet cotton.

Well, my son's experience was far different from mine. Thank God they got rid of that cotton theory and Franky was asked to bring a cup of good soil for planting.
Looking at my son's heartful work from planting a seed to growing a plant, was another moment for me to cherish.

I didn't even recognize that he planted monggo seeds, I thought it was peanut.
Smiley Face

His mission, to keep the plant alive by watering it everyday. Next, I'll teach him to plant vegetables that we can also use for cooking.
Happy Tuesday to you guys!Graphics


Chris said...

i have been thinking about this.. i want us to plant mongo seeds too...

though kyla has planted another stem at school, i want her to be able to plant mongo seeds and watch it grow here at home..

do i just grab some mongo and put them on the soil? is that how it works? or do i need to do something to the mongo first?

Enchie said...

Hi Chris! I think you just plant the mongo seeds, all you need is a good soil for planting.

kikamz said...

wow, franky is learning to plant too! bless you child!

Jona said...

Hi Enchie! it's so refreshing to see a live monggo plant as such =D

hope you can join my new meme With Love Wednesday. thanks!

Clarissa said...

Your son is blessed with a green thumb.Good for him to be able to experience such.He will learn to appreciate the good things of his hard work by watering the plant lalo na if you use them for cooking and eat your own veggies.

Happy Birthday,Mommy Enchie!!

onlinemommy said...

Happy Birthday Mommy Ench!

This is really worth cherishing :) and this is a good training for kids to be responsible :)

You son has a green thumb indeed. The plant seems very healthy.

Tetcha said...

It's nice to see our kids learning new things everyday. Belated happy birthday, Enchie!

Yami said...

Hi Mommy Enchie. Anong part ba ng mongo plant ang hinaharvest? hehe. actually grade 3 yata ako nagstart magtanim nito as school project pero nadry up naman matapos grade-an ng teacher. Lam mo meron ako dito buto ng ampalaya, pinapatuyo ko at balak ko siyang itanim sa lata. :)

nga pala, belated happy birthday sau. ngayon lang ako napadaan. :)